How I Calculate Nutrition Facts

Any recipes on this blog with Nutrition Facts were manually calculated using the methods described below. If you have allergies, modify the recipes, or need very precise counts, please do your own calculations.

For added ingredients that contain Nutrition Facts on the label, include the amount from the label based on how much is added to the recipe. For example, if using a whole can of tomatoes where a can contains 3.5 servings, be sure to add the calories * 3.5 to the recipe. Add up the calories from each item added to the recipe and divide by the number of servings. If you eat half of the recipe now and save half for later, then divide the total calories by 2 to get the calorie count for this meal.

For ingredients that do not contain Nutrition Facts, I use the USDA Food Composition Databases to search for the items I add to recipes. This is the most accurate site I’ve found for counting calories and macros. Other sites contain user entered values that can be way off. I once saw an entry with carbs listed in an egg! Also I love this site because you can easily adjust the amount of ingredient you are adding to your dish.

In this search, I changed the number of Cherry Tomatoes to 10 to add to my lunch recipe

I use Google Sheets to enter my recipes for calculation. It makes it easy to sum up the total amount for each meal and easy to save the recipes for future days.


Salad w ProteinCaloriesProteinFatCarbsFiber
Chicken Breast134243.4800
2 C Power Greens252042
1/2 C Cucumber80.30.061.890.3
10 Cherry Tomato311.50.36.62
1/4 Avocado570.